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01-29-2012, 10:10 PM
Originally Posted by Hakaishin
Yes, but in PvP, sustained DPS can have its downfalls as well.

In PvP, you must deal more damage than your enemy can heal for to be effective.

With a burst, you're guaranteed to trump your enemy's ability to recover every single time.

With sustained DPS, you run the risk of a good (or even a mediocre) healer being able to keep up without too much difficulty.

Yes, you still have your lance to "burst", but it won't be near the same effect. Your enemies will be able to recover. That recover will cost you dearly both short term and long term.

PvE it's great though.

But, it has merits in PvP too.

Main thing though that I want to bring up that is a BIG no-no with your build... EPS.

You MUST have an EPS in a Gal-X, even as an Engineer, to be truly effective.

1 is all you need, but it is necessary.

Cloak in PvE is still very viable. It allows you to close on Cubes to point blank without worry and unleash your full burst at point blank for maximum effect, WITH a +15% damage increase due to decloaking.

Those are points that I am firm about, and won't waver. Other points you've made are preference based.
I do strongly agree with you about burst in pvp, in fact I stated that in pvp burst down someone is No. 1 piority. steady dps is indeed more of a pve oriented build,

On the EPS part, I do agree EPS is an important console for DN especially running majority energy weapon, and I would definitly put it on the 4th engi. slot for many situation, but on the other hand, i found having 2 neutron alloy greatlly reduce the damage you take and increase survibility quite a bit. And I don't use cloak for pve, the reason i found is in pve you are in combat 90% of the time, in order to cloak i have to disengage, re-position and re-engage. That took away quite some time and whenever i am doing that i am not dpsing. Also in order to achieve highest burst in pve, you need to time your skills CD which means lots of time you have 1 buff that is already off-CD while other still during CD and you just have to wait for all of them. If you go for steady dps, that timing become less essential (except when you bursting with lance) because for most part you can just use whatever buff availiable to you at any given time.

For pvp, I do strongly agree cloak is a must have, but personally I will drop the EPS and go for 2 neutron (I don't really run Beam overload, so energy level is still acceptable w/o an EPS) because I think an extra 12% resist is quite significant. But I think if you want to achieve the ultime burst goal, that's different story.