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Entry Requirements
1. The entry must be a response to the following description and the accompanying image on the Webpage:
Travelling the Universe on a starship, you’ve met a lot of different people from a lot of different planets. It’s rare for you to come across a new entity, but that’s a part of the thrill. So, when you strolled into the cantina at your latest docking station and saw an empty seat next to someone from a species you’d never seen before, you smiled, sat yourself down, and said, “So, where are you from? And can I buy you a drink?”

Your new friend may smile and accept the drink, or they may stand up in disgust because you’ve violated one of their cultural taboos, or they may throw their arms around you in glee because where they come from “can I buy you a drink” is a marriage proposal.

You tell us their answer. What planet are they from? What kind of culture did they grow up in? How did they end up here, sitting next to you in a space station cantina?

Introduce us.

2. Entries are limited to one entry per screenshot per contest.
3. If multiple entries are submitted by a participant, only the single most recent entry will be eligible.
4. All entries must be submitted in English.
5. Entries shall be no longer than three hundred (300) words in length.
6. Each single screenshot posted is considered as a single contest.