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I'd like some input about my intended setup for a Star Cruiser and whether there's something I'm doing horribly wrong or that could use improvement. The current setup is pretty much a mess, as I'm only starting to conciously select equipment to match my playstyle (strictly speaking I'm still doing fine the way it is, but I'd like to improve whatever I can). So I won't bother posting something that isn't ideal anyway, but what I'm planning to put in on a short- to mid-term basis.

Weapons: I was planning to go with Tetryon Beam Arrays (to shoot down shields faster) and two Torp-Launchers (one fore, one aft). Not sure which Torps I'm gonna use; I thought about Transphasic for shield penetration, but I recently got a Photon with a WICKED DPS-rating (around 400). And when you spend most time with your flank turned to the enemy, torpedos don't make that much of a difference anyway.

Shields: I've gone with a Covariant Array (high capacity, low recharge) because of a guide I've read that basically stated that for a cruiser high capacity was more important than recharge. Had pretty good results with that so far, but I'll gladly let myself be corrected on this.

Deflector: Picked for a bonus to Science Team, since this is one of only two science abilities I use at all (the other being Hazard Emitters) and one of my most frequently used abilities overall.

Impulse Engines: Nothing special here. I'm favoring Combat Impulse Engines with a bonus to turn rate, to counteract the sluggish natural turn rate of cruisers.

Consoles: I'm really unsure what to use here. I'll say what I *think* might work well for me, but nothing's really set in stone yet.

Tactical: Two consoles with either a plus to Tetryon damage or Energy damage as a whole.
Engineering: One or two Hull Platings (with replacements to swap out, so I'm covered against any weapon type I encounter). Apart from that... Not sure at all. I was thinking of EPS-Flow-Regulators to keep my Weapons Energy high.
Science: Really no idea at all.

BOff skills (current setup):
Tactical: Beam Overload I, Attack Pattern Beta I
Engineering (1): Emergency To Shields I, Emergency To Weapons II, ..., Aceton Beam
Engineering (2): Engineering Team I, Auxiliary To Structural I, Auxiliary To Structural II
Science (1): Hazard Emitters I, Science Team II
Science (2): Science Team I

My playstyle atm is that I prioritize survival over damage or aggro, so I try to keep shields up and my hull strong and don't try anything special to keep ships targeting me and just keep all damage skills on cooldown as good as I can.

Anyone got any advice or tips they'd like to offer?