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01-30-2012, 04:35 AM
Originally Posted by synkr0nized
I didn't think this warranted another thread, since it's about the Kar'Fi --

Anyone else being stuck in Red Alert mode, like, all the time with this ship? I can hardly ever use full impulse to move from one engagement to the other while my teammates zoom off to the next bit. And this has happened without any of my ships launched from the hangers, even. I would understand, I guess, if the idea is that my strike craft fighting anything puts me in combat, but when they are so far away sometimes (their AI leaves a lot to be desired still) it's really annoying. But even then, for example this evening I was at the start of a Cure STF, turning to the right to head towards the first group, with nothing launched or within 12km of me and yet Red Alert was up.

I don't notice this happening on any other ships of mine. I'd like to not have to burn evasive maneuvers to cruise around.
This happens only when you use your fighter commands. If you're stuck in red alert, click whichever fighter command you have active to deselect it, this will drop you from red alert shortly. I don't even use the pet commands because this is so annoying.