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01-30-2012, 05:29 AM
These demands are as old the game itself.

As part of the coming featured episodes series the original Defiant-interiors will be released for the C-store. Further canon-interior packs are already announced (Galaxy, Sovereign, Intrepid). Hopefully they'll come soon, as the current random, auto-generated interiors (excluding the TOS-package) are ugly as hell, oversized, and just absolutely illogical.

As for the functionality of the interiors: A functional bridge, sickbay, shuttle bay etc. have all been said to "be on Cryptic's radar"..

As for customizable interiors: As part of the upcoming major updates and expansion of the foundry (season 6), fully customizable ship interiors, especially your ready room, are also envisioned.
However: I wonder how much they will limit these foundry features, since nobody will actually buy the original Defiant-interiors anymore, if anyone could rebuilt them in the Foundry...

As for questing on your ship: This is a major part of Star Trek, if not THE driving force of most Trek-episodes... However, scripted, story-driven or character-evolving quests, or even combat quests in your own, customizable ship interiors will be tricky to implement... the observation lounge used for a couple of quests so far is standardized, i.e., it's the SAME for everyone, and of course, it's an instance of its own and has nothing to do with your own ship for that matter...