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01-30-2012, 09:55 AM
Love this ship!

This is a great ship IMO for any STF's. as I have done them all on Normal and Elite with my Tac & Eng, using this great ship!

The Sk'ul fighters are so useful, at least for me, in taking down enemies, and absorbing those first fee debuffs from the spheres and cubes. When I am guarding the gate/Kang in KA space/Cure space, they make quick work of the generators while I wait for the next group(s) to spawn. I just wish they wouldn't attack the Kang... but I do like how they can attack those pesky ninja looters!

The cloak is great, especially since you can still fire energy weapons while hidden. Even better now with only a 5/sec drain on Aux.. I never run out or need an aux battery now!

Great 4 forward weapon slots, and 3 rear. I find using 2 XII Borg dual cannons in front, 2 XII Borg Photon Torpedoes, and 3 Borg XII turrets in the rear works great at maintaining a great DPS. ( With 2 Scatter volleys and 2 Torpedo spreads works great!.. and put that purple doff on for projectile! ) I do not use heavy cannons because the normal dual cannons shoot more often, and I feel get more use out of scatter volley btw. Try it out! Same DPS!

Great space for good Tac abilities while having those needed science spots for Gravity well, tractor beam repulsors and 2 Hazard emitters! No Borg getting by me!

High armor, high shields, great weapons, fighters, cloak, ah! I am a fan of the Kar'Fi! ( For STF's)