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01-30-2012, 10:41 AM
I'd suggest if you have the bridge officers to do it, having certain bridge officers with different arrangements for different purposes. For instance, you might find you would like to get a bridge officer with Tactical team 1 and Beam overload II for a more defensive setup. Some enemies (like the borg) can chew straight through your shield to the hull really fast, and nothing beats tactical team for getting your shields back up fast to a torn up facing, apart from maybe reverse shield polarity which might very well be a good option in your case, since on a star cruiser there are a lot of slots for that. Reverse Shield Polarity also has the added benefit of powering up all shield facings.

Also, I would suggest you have a couple of different layouts for Engineering bridge officers as well. Its your primary power and you want to be able to change strategies. While its a science ability, you might consider using transfer shield strength as well, since all of the 'Team' skills are on the same cooldown. I would keep at least one science team available for removing science type debuffs though. If you use a lot of Auxiilary to Structural Integrities though, instead of Engineering Team you might look at it another way. The key here is you don't want to have too many team abilities, because if you have too many you can't even chain them all.

For more damage, take a look at Directed Energy Modulation & Eject Warp Plasma. Eject Warp Plasma is a good way to draw aggro and can do some solid damage if statted proparly. I've personally found Boarding Party not as good as I'd like. The debuff is nice but I've found you have to get right in the face of an enemy to make it work, and if they happen to fire their torp spread on you at the same time, it doesn't work. Thusfar Boarding Party is too situational to be of an use to me, though others might have different opinions.
Aceton is an ability I want to like but I'm never too excited about it. Unfortunately I find the high end Engineering abilities are just not that exciting, but they do have uses. The Aceton Field reduces the enemies damage output and does a meager bit of damage. Good vs. Elite Tactical Cubes and things such as that. For Extra Tankiness though you might consider having a build that has Extend Shields on your commander slot, to help heal teammates. This will help keep your damage dealer alive either in PvE or PvP and is well worth considering as well. Obviously this is a team-oriented power so again it depends a lot on how many boffs you have.

Your choice of being able to chain Hazard Emitters is a great one. You can't go wrong with that ability as it removes the shield stripping borg debuff, while at the same time saving your hull and removing plasma fires. Its a great ability to have, particularly on a tanking ship or healer.

I didn't want to give you a direct build, but rather I wanted to give you some ideas about the different powers and playstyles you can use. I definitely agree with the previous poster that you want to get the Field Generator (+35% to Shield Capacity). I'm not sure why anyone wouldn't get that one, if they know about it, even birds of prey.

With regard to weapon choices, they all do damage. One thing you might consider, is that on the Borg STF's you will be better off with Disruptors, Antiprotons, and Plasma beams in general. Most people will wonder why I suggest Plasma beams but it has to do with tanking, if that is your aim.

Disruptors work well because many of the targets during the STF's do not have any shields, but you can still debuff their resistance, making everyone on the teams damage amounts go up, and faster kills overall. Fire at will can help to apply this proc to as many targets as possible (ie: the generators).

Antiprotons work well by increasing your overall critical damage strikes, although i would suggest you choose this on a ship that can make better use of it like a Escort, so in your case I wouldn't use this one.

Plasma Beams apply a damage over time hull burn, which does a minor bit of damage on the target, but also draws attention to you over your team mates, particularly if you got the Aggro space skill (Name eludes me, my apologies but I'm still not accustomed to all the new skill names). Again Fire at will is your friend here, because you want to hit as many targets as possible with a hull burn so your team mates don't take as much damage with this build.

Tetryons are fine, but you'll find they only really work vs. Spheres, Cubes, etc, which makes up about half of the targets in the STF's. Beyond that they're fine, and should work well for you in regular gameplay.

Just to mention them, Phasers & Polarons do have a place in things, though their main use would be to crash or damage subsystems. Phasers work best when you have large numbers of players using them in concert, and Polarons probably work better if you have other draining powers such as Energy Siphon, Tyken's rift, etc. While you could pick these, I wouldn't recommend it as your build is based more upon tanking and healing and there are better ships for that purpose.

The key with consoles is, make sure to put in consoles and deflectors that help the skills you use. In the case of Sets, that sometimes skews your plans, so you might need to compare and contrast the differences between the sets and standard equipment. The borg console however is always worth having, and you can get that by doing the assimilated mission.

Hope my pointers helped.