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01-30-2012, 11:43 AM
Originally Posted by SkeeterUK View Post
I know but using the title of the thread i thought ppl could post ideas for dailys so i did so. Your idea is nice too, maybe a variation on the investigate officer reports but for storyline instead of foundry in essence? Do 3 storyboard missions and get 1000 dilithium for your time or somit.
Wow, I dont know about that. You get 1440 dillithium for doing 3 star cluster missions, and the storyline missions are alot longer than those. If you had to do 3 storyline missions for the daily I would think that would be worth up to 5k. That said, 1000 might be a fair amount if you only had to do one storyline mission for the daily. 1 a day would also be a way to keep them from feeling too repetitive over time, and make the cycle of going through them all last longer.