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01-30-2012, 11:48 AM
Try logging all the way out, and then logging back in.

Here are some things I have figured out, and found out as of last week and yesterday for problems with the websites.

The Cryptic Website, and some parts of it do not like Internet Explorer 9. 8 is fine. PWE website handles 8 and FF well.

For logging in and password access, and being able to login to the website when NOT using IE8:

1) Delete your cookies and cache, restart the browser.

2) Do not try to be logged into a PWE page and a Cryptic page inside the same web browser. There may be some cookie soup action going on messing something up. I am using Opera for STO and FF for PWE websites.

3) Shorten your password to be 10-12 characters or less.

4) Remove any symbols and spaces from it.

5) Try to login again to the Cryptic website (or PWE website in a different, separate browser)

Hopefully, Success!

Otherwise, use IE8 while only logged into a Cryptic website page and not