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01-30-2012, 11:55 AM
Originally Posted by Ishtar View Post
For the record I have a level 50 eng that I do really well with,

Been trying to get into a tac officer and fly an escort but I just cant figure the darn thing out. It hits like a wet pillow and blows up if someone looks at it cross-eyed. *shrug* perhaps I am just not cut out to play a tac officer... ...
Now my main character is a Engineer, I normally fly Cruisers, and always had problems dying quickly with escorts, having to 'Kamikaze' an approaching mob to bring the front bearing cannons to bear...

Until I changed setups, and went with Beam Arrays and Torps.... Fly at a distance and carefully choose your target, knock down a shield facing, then toss a Torpedo High Yield swarm down the hole...

And when running from a mob, you can fly in a 'S' pattern to bring your broadside to bear on the leaders to accomplish the same goals. (Which becomes useful with the more advanced escorts, when theres enough weapon slots for a rear facing Torp launcher...)