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01-30-2012, 01:45 PM
I would like to add that this has just happened to me twice in a row doing The Cure (ground) both times, and both times it made it impossible to continue due to multi-faction team members, team members who don't understand what's going on and abort immediately leaving the rest of us to handle the STF, and then there's the end-of-mission reward that doesn't hand out to the whole team because of this.

I've put it in a bug report as ticket ID #1,267,268

If this is going to be touted as the biggest thing to do for endgame and the only way to get our shiny gear either through the EDC's or other drops, this *needs* to be fixed ASAP. It's already hard enough (and strenuous even) to work for MK XI/XII MACO and etc gear, we don't need to be kicked out of the queue-formed team and have the end rewards not properly distribute because of it as well.