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I've just finalized a series of changes that should make the Borg Adaptation mechanics slightly more friendly for rapid-fire ground weaponry.

In order to describe how the mechanics were changed, I'm first going to demystify the entire process and give you a thorough Math-ing on how Adaptation works.

Whenever you fire an Energy weapon at a Borg (or any critter flagged as one, including their turrets and such), you have a 75% chance of receiving an adaptation counter. Once you have received 4 of these counters from a particular energy type, all Borg become immune to that energy type from your weaponry. The act of Remodulation clears the Adapted debuff. In many cases however, it was not resetting your adaptation counters to zero - this is part of the upcoming fix.

As you can see, under this system, it is significantly easier for a Borg to adapt to rapid fire weaponry, as you are hitting them far more frequently, and every single shot had the potential of granting you one of those pesky adaptation counters.

I've just added an internal limiter that will prevent you from gaining a counter within .35 seconds of another. In other words, the absolute fastest that any weapon can be adapted to should become 1.4 seconds.

Players that enjoy making use of slow firing weapons, like Pulsewave Assault Guns and Sniper Rifles, will likely see no difference in the rate that Borg adapt to their weapon fire. These weapons already fire slowly enough that the internal timer should not cause any conflicts with their cooldowns.

However, players that prefer using rapid fire weapons, like Pistols and Full Auto Rifles, will see a significant increase in the amount of fire they can unload into a Borg before having to stop and Remodulate, since these types of weaponry will land multiple shots within those .35 second windows with each volley.

Hopefully, this change will allow players to exercise their freedom of choice in weapon style they use during our STF and high-level content, as well as the Defera Ground Invasion event. These changes will be arriving on Tribble within the next week, and Holodeck soon thereafter. Please let me know if you uncover any odd or unexpected behavior as a result of this change.

TL;DR -- Resistance just got a little less futile. For machine-guns.