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01-30-2012, 05:57 PM
Originally Posted by Solomace View Post
Wow, I mean just WoW. Are you really serious? Do you know why the game went F2P? Because of the broken promises and lack of content.
Um, no, the game went F2P because they had data from LoTRO, and their firstin house F2P MMO conversion of CO that:

1) Western MMO gamers seemd to accept te F2P model.

2) EVERY MMO that went F2P ended up being MORE profitable for the parent developer.

These are the main reasons STO went F2P, period.

As for TOR - by all accounts it has yet to meet EA's subscription expectations (and they set them VERY high; and top be fair to TOR they had the largest launch (sub wise) of any MMO to date; but contrary to EA's expectations, the game isn't growing beyond the initial launch numbers - and it remains to be seen if that trend will continue or reverse itself and numbers will grow beyond what they were at launch; and how long EA will wait for that to happen.)