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01-30-2012, 08:57 PM
Originally Posted by Zehra
I actually REALLY liked Enterprise. Just finished my 5th time through it. People complain and moan about continuity but there really wasn't much wrong with it continuity-wise.
I agree with you there. Just enjoy the show - what's the point of hating it? Times change, so do directors and scriptwriters. Each generation of Star Trek is reminiscent of its 'era' of creation.

That said, I would like an NX-style bridge too. It was very 'down to earth' and conveyed a strong sense of functionality.

I also fully agree with Akira_Sensei above.

If there's a fully modelled ship interior for each class, what's the purpose of having it non-functional? Being able to interact with duty and bridge officers would be a huge boon too! I would like to see how my doffs look like.