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# 1 About the Uniforms ...
01-31-2012, 12:09 AM
I would like to make a suggestion. Since I've been promoted to Rear Admiral I'd love to wear a typical Admirals Uniform but there is none available. *sniffles* I'd love to have DS9 style or VOY style Admirals Uniform. Voyager ... well, why is there NO Voyager Uniform on the C-Store anyway? Please, please make a Voyager Set too! Seven's costume is already there... How about a bundle with early DS9/VOY Uniforms? Would buy that with pleasure!

And how about some Gala Uniforms? Like we use to know from the series and movies? Missing them too!
There are so many TOS style Uniforms from several eras on the shop. Why do I have to miss VOY at all?

The other thing is that I could - could - recolour the DS9 Uniform I already have. BUT the Uniform is only available for male characters (there is one open DS9 Uniform too, but I don't want that). Why on earth is that Uniform not available for females too? Gotta wear TNG Movie style Uniform instead. oO I would love to have ONE Uniform style for all my officers and myself. No matter what gender they have.

Here a few example images of what I wish to see on the store someday (soon) please.

And here's a link with a amazing overview for all eras. PLEASE make more bundles like TOS and ENT.