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# 1 Star Trek Online Issues
01-31-2012, 09:31 AM
I think the developers and support need to get with it, this game has been released 2 years now, there are as many bugs if not more than ive seen from games still in beta testing.....crashes, freezes, and little annoying things are a huge part of this game, not to mention the CONSTANT patching and server maintenance, maybe if you guys knew what you were doing you wouldnt need to do so much maintenance. 2 years and they still cant fix things that shouldnt have been there upon release, not to mention the support staff always insists everything is you're computer and not the server or the games programming......thats a load of BS and everyone knows it, if it was programmed well you wouldnt have to worry so much about pc issues. thats on the developer not the consumer guys. maybe get the support and developers together to work out some of these amateur bugs.....c'mon cryptic....i wouldnt even work for you guys.....i mean dont get me wrong the game and its concept are awsome, but the lack of knowledge in programming and error correction is very lacking....which is what makes it so frustrating, you want to play, but guess what you cant, unless you yourself have the know how to fix the issue....all in all good concept, shoulda had a different company develop it.