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01-31-2012, 12:06 PM
My loadout: SCI Charakter

TAC lt.cmd.: TT1/APB1/FAW3
SCI cmd.: HE1/ST2/HE3/ >GW3(mainly for STF's)< or >FBP3 (mainly in PvP)
SCI lt.: PH1/TSS2
ENG lt.: ET1/EPS2/EPW3

With this loadout i can tank a tac cube on elite alone, if none of those 300k crit dmg happens ^^

My Hangars are flexible, depending on the situation.
Wich is the main Key of succes on a carrier.

Never go for one loadout only, siphons deplete the enemy's whole energie, tachyon drones drain shilds, fighters are a real dmg ***** agains unshielded targets (each torp dealing 8k <crit up to 20k> dmg x12 figthers = over 100k dmg each 8 sec) you can buff yourself with shield repair drones, aso...
Only the BoP are a little off, since they ignoring all you commands.
Also the bug, that carrier pets cant attack neighter the transformers nor the gate in any STF are a backdrop.

But all in all, the carrier can be real nasty and fun to fly. Hell no, he is a real fun to fly^^