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Originally Posted by Armsman View Post
I had a firigging quote from the VP of EA. If that's not an indication of the expectyations they have, I don't know what is. At this point discussion with you is pointless as even when presented with articles and quotes from EA directly, you don't care to acknowledge what they themselves have said in print.

As for teh sub numbers in the Massively article - there th only numbers out there compiled by any firm and don't you think if EA could rekiably claim 1 million or 2 million active subscriptions (and not just "registered accounts") they would have done a major press release like they have with every other SWToR milestone to date?

As for "Skipping STO going F2P" - please, were ON teh STO F2P boards; so andyone reading this knows STO went F2P.
Your links in that post doesn't support you actually.

EA CEO said the game needs 500,000 to be profitable. The 1 million number in the LA Times was what the reporter added not even in quotes or saying who said that. The 500,000 to be profitable was a quote by the EA CEO.

So to show an example:

CEO of Ford in an interview says, "We need to sell 500,000 cars next quarter to make a profit."

A reporter in the LA Times writes "They need to sell 1 million cars next quarter to make a profit at Ford."

And that Massively article was contradicted the following day. Massively the day before reported doom and gloom.