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01-31-2012, 02:12 PM
Originally Posted by Solomace View Post
Do you know, I have no idea what your on about. The point I asked that you still have not answered with any of your "snippets", is where does it say it has failed to meet expectations by EA not by some analyst? Are you deliberately trying to be obtuse?

And my point regards STO going F2P and you once again skipping was you saying it went F2P not because it wasn't making any money but was implying it was going down the Lotr route, in which it was making money but wanted more.

There really isn't any point debating anything with you.

You were one of the more vocal defenders when people were saying STO is going down the tube and will be F2P shortly and you were adamament it wouldn't and were shouting people down left right and center. A few weeks later we got the nodit was.

No point in even bothering to debate anything with you anymore, as your so blinkered you should call yourself Seabiscuit.
So he was saying this game wouldn't go F2P?

Btw, one of his links talked about EA investment in buying Bioware. TOR was not the only title that Bioware released under the EA banner. Plus we got the winner of the VGA 2012 Most Anticipated Title award winner just over a month away. (did you get your gear from Kingdoms yet btw?)

So EA is getting paid from TOR sales and next comes ME3.

Bioware has released DA2, DAO (or at least the Ultimate edition I got), and ME2 since being bought by EA. So that LA Times guy saying they need 1 million subs for many years to pay for the investment acts as if TOR is the only game BW did under EA. LMAO