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01-31-2012, 02:31 PM
Originally Posted by selfctrl
I know the regular price is $300 and it is currently $240. But I am planning on holding out until it reverts to $200 (or lower) as it once did.
Just so you are aware, if your target price is $200 it will take two years before the value of your LTS will mature. Just be sure you understand what you are purchasing.

To be perfectly honest with you, there is absolutely no value whatsoever to buying an LTS at this time unless:
  1. You had a subscription in the past and are therefore not starting your vet rewards at 0 days
  2. You like the unique vet rewards offered after 700 days (anything under 700 days is cheaper with a sub)
  3. Feel the urge to pay $200 to play as a Borg.