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01-31-2012, 03:03 PM
Originally Posted by selfctrl
Hi, I was considering getting myself a lifetime subscription. But I had a few questions that need to be answered before I commit myself.

1) I already bought the "1 Billion Energy Credits" upgrade for my account. Seeing that lifetime subscribers are considered "gold" members, that means they already get the above-mentioned upgrade for free. So will I get a refund of the Cryptic points I spent on this upgrade?

2) I am concerned about the viability of STO over the long term. Are there any guarantees that further content will be added to the game?

Also, are there any guarantees that this game will even exist 20 months from now? ($300 divided by $15 = 20 months playtime)

3) When would the best time to buy a subscription be?
I know the regular price is $300 and it is currently $240. But I am planning on holding out until it reverts to $200 (or lower) as it once did.

It's never going under $200 again, there might be a sale for anniversary, but LTS isn't worth it unless you want to waste cash. Imo.
Answers in red.