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01-31-2012, 03:15 PM
I want more variety for KDF assets. More computers, consoles, tables, plates of food (gagh). Viewscreens, big ones, little ones, some in between. Carpets, rugs, or other decorative pieces that could be used to hide seams. More variety for potted plants. Even some of the plants on SFA would be cool additons. Sofas, chairs. More selections for stautes (big and small). Horg'ans anyone? More destroyed vessels (debris) on the ground. More shuttles for the ground. In space, I want more satellites, maybe more pieces to build arrays and stations (legos).

I would also like to see asset packs in the future that are also period specific, like 20th century asset pack with a juke box, television, ect... I would also like to include as asset packs for tos era (with walls, computers, and all of the goodies that will help us build missions in that time frame). The same could be done for enterprise, TNG/DS9/Voyager as well.