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# 13 The List - Part 2
01-31-2012, 04:17 PM
The next morning, the teams scattered around Camus II reported in with their itineraries. Delta and Gamma teams had located the site the scientists had called home a hundred and forty years ago and were going to take a closer look to determine what had happened to them. Zeta and Epsilon teams had requested permission to study the diverse plant life, while teams Theta and Eta had noted the complete lack of animal life except for the occasional sparkle and wanted to investigate their mystery more thoroughly with a trek into the forest near their camp. Finally, I was leading teams Alpha, and Beta in a closer examination of the ruins.

Before embarking down the steep ravine to the ruins, the medic that had been treating the crewmen came to see me. She didn’t look happy.

“Captain, its ensign Mortimer ... He’s taken a turn for the worst. I think he’s having an allergic reaction to the … bug? bite. He should return to the ship.”

I agreed with a nod and listened as the medic ordered Mr. Mortimer’s beam out. When the transporter operator said that he couldn’t get a lock on the ensign, I grew concerned and considered ordering everyone off the planet right then and there. However, the explorer in me wanted to find the answers to the questions that we’ve uncovered. After the transporter chief remodulated the targeting scanners, he was still unable to lock onto Mortimer.

I had to say something. “This is the Captain. I want you to keep trying to beam Mr. Mortimer to sick bay. In the meantime, I want several evac shuttles sent down here immediately. Have them land near our campsites -- just in case we need to get out of town in a hurry.” The transporter chief relayed my orders and continued with his attempts to get Ensign Mortimer back to the ship. With that bit of business completed, it was time to head into the ruins.

Several hours later, I was studying a large stone slab with some strange looking symbols on it. The translation was going painfully slow, but we were making progress. The other members of the team studied other nearby objects that had similar characters. We had found several repeated symbols and were on track to decipher our first word in their strange language.

That is until my combadge chirped.

“What is it?” I asked a little bit annoyed.

Static rose and fell like waves over the lieutenant’s voice. “We’re … … -ck by the spar- … We … -ed …” The com channel went completely silent. All further attempts to reach teams Theta and Eta failed. They were in trouble. I hailed teams Delta and Gamma which were closer to their position and ordered them to drop what they were doing and assess the situation with the missing teams. Then, I ordered everyone else to return to their respective campsites to await further instructions. I can tell you that this order didn’t make me any new friends among the archeologist on my teams. But, a starship Captain’s duty rarely affords such a luxury.