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Originally Posted by hevach View Post
I've always though Odo more a lawful neutral type. He never seemed to really care who was writing the law, only who was breaking it. He upheld Cardassian and Dominion law just the same as Federation or Bajoran.

Though, who in DS9 really fits into lawful good?
Its funny you mention this, because Odo is definitely Lawful Neutral, in fact, his coolest speech of the series is entirely about his alignment "Laws change depending on who's making them, but justice is justice." Yah, Odo is definitely Lawful Neutral.

I actually have to Disagree with the placement of Worf as Lawful Neutral. He is definitely Lawful Good. It's a huge part of his character, being caught between his honor (lawful) and doing what is right (Good).

The funny thing is, throughout the series most of the characters had shifts in their alignment. By the end Dukat was unequivocally Chaotic Evil, but early on? No way, throughout most of the series he wasn't even really evil, at first he seemed a little lawful evil, but then when the Detapa Council took over and the Klingon invasion happened he seemed more Neutral (or at times, Lawful Neutral) it wasn't even a paradigm shift really, just a fleshing out of the character and his motivations.

Also: O'brien is Neutral Good, no doubt about it. Somebody mentioned his slightly racist attitudes, but ultimately it was more lingering hostility from a brutal war he fought in, and once faced with individual Cardassians who weren't J-Holes, he changed his tune.