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02-01-2012, 03:35 AM
I agree with you there, I intended to become a subscriber but actually have been thriving all the way to Captain's rank without a single cent spent in the c-store? Why?

Quest rewards give me overpowered ship and ground equipment in excess, and the costumes and content in store do not interest me at all because the cash store ships aren't the type of vessel I would fly, and there is only one or two cash store ship options at the lower levels, anyway.

We definitely need more ' small change ' options which make newer players think more about putting in $10 to make their game better, something with visual and gameplay impact and not just a few inventory or bank slots.

The costume packages I do not need; being a Starship Troopers fan I'm perfectly content with deliberately activating the armour visuals, and besides I spend so little time strutting around ESB that the special costumes do not matter.

However, I would gladly pay for some of the following even if there are only little or no stat bonus:

1) Full space armour outfit (something less advanced than a MACO suit, but something space worthy and helmeted, in case the ship or environment suffers rapid decompression), perhaps some sort of Starfleet fighter pilot outfit.
2) Starfleet Military Police (MP) outfit, armoured and unarmoured - for lower level security team type roleplay
3) Aesthetic / bonus functionality armour additions - just like how present-day tactical body armour can be upgraded with ceramic inserts and other forms of enhanced protection
4) Temporary escort ships or external ordnance pods for lower level starships (a flight of interceptors to accompany newer players on dangerous missions against the Klingons, or functional Miranda class weapons pod)

This would add so much disctinctive variety, add a sense of 'realism' oriented flair to space operations, and the temporary escorts and jettisonable (temporary) weapons enhancements would be awesome to have when you (like me) can't seem to find other team players to fly with.