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02-01-2012, 04:05 AM
after some quite extensive practice with cannons vs beams i can only come to the following conclusions:

#1. Unless you have the ability to regen your hull and shields and an effective way to compensate for a distinct lack of broadside coverage do not run anything larger than a very fast turning escort that can bring fore cannons and aft turret(s) to bear quickly.

#2. Torpedoes are not a gunboats friend as it steals a fore weapon slot, stick to mines (one slot on the back) so you have a way to run the heck away when things go badly or against faster or incredibly well shielded ships (see bugged M.A.C.O. shields for details)

#3. Burst DPS and RUN! go in fire and be prepared to hit "fire at will" as you attempt to get away or you may as well call it a day in both PVP and PVE.

#4. There is ALWAYS an exception to the Small Gunship rule but to date only one cruiser offers the sheer raw power to pull it off namely the Galaxy-X (the guide is in the forums will link when i locate it again) although for earlier levels the standard Galaxy cruiser is a good way to get used to the size and turning issues if this is the way you wish to play at VA level.

#5. you are going to die...a really a LOT, despite all the practice in the world you are always going to be vulnerable at some stage to a ship that can match your peed and keep out of your firing arc. as i said before mines and tractor mines can limit this but you need to be aware of your biggest weakness.

so to all those tactical and engineers out there give it a shot, to scientists i would say not so much but if you want to play that way then so be it.