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02-01-2012, 06:30 AM
Originally Posted by Amosov
I said "Farragut" because that's generally the ship name used to describe that particular variant, like the "Bonchune" is used to describe the later CGI variant.
I'd known "Bonchune" for the CGI, but I didn'd know "Farragut" for the physical. I only knew her as "Sutherland" variant since that's the first appearance of the physical with the pod.

Originally Posted by Amosov
As to why the CGI version is different, well, when Foundation Imaging visual effects supervisor Rob Bonchune was asked to make a CGI version of the Nebula, he was only given the CGI Galaxy-class built by ILM for Star Trek: Generations as reference to work from. So the ship came out looking more like a hacked up Galaxy than the physical model ever did.
Another mystery solved, thanks.