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02-01-2012, 07:08 AM
Originally Posted by Sierrafortune
I honestly like SWTOR, it's a fun game and has a great amount of variety for the different classes. That being said I still come back to STO because it has the more fun gameplay. SWTOR's amazing story is offset by the lack of customization, and on some level it feels more like a single player game than it does an MMO. STO just seems to be more in the spirit of gaming than most SWTOR players who QQ ALOT on their forums.
Funny but the same people who come here and say things about their forums and such also use the "forums are the vocal minority" when it comes to the same here.

Forums normally are the people who aren't actually in the game playing it with any game. And it's revved up with MMOs because they are online to play in the first place. The forums at Bioware Social (site for their single player games like the ME and DA series) are always on fire. Yet ME3 is the most anticipated game of 2012 (not just my opinion but VGA award fact). Go figure.

I find TORs lack of customization disturbing. My Legacy is at level 10 and growing so hopefully that help tip saying it will add customization options gets here soon. But while their customization isn't the greatest and a lot of games are behind Cryptic in that regard, I hope it gets better. If there is one thing Cryptic does better than most it's customization. But I remember the days when this game was about 80% space and 20% ground and fat lot of good that customizing did when you see the same ships flying around all the time.

One thing I don't agree with you on is the "single player" aspect. I find more to do with random strangers in that game than I need to in this one. Outside of the LIMITED NUMBER of STFs, it wasn't really required. Now they made it a requirement for other things but those other things could be done solo before. It was a challenge to do but was able to be done if you knew what you were doing. So this is more of a single-player game experience to me.