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02-01-2012, 07:28 AM
True I wasn't at STO's launch, but I was at Rift's, and LOTRO's. The level of QQ on SWTOR's forums is insane. Just go look at them, and every other topic is a complaint. These boards certainly have their fair share, especially in the content drought months, when F2P was announced, and when the Rhode Island was first added to the C-Store. If you combine all those you'd have maybe 10% of the same complaints on SWTOR's boards, it's insane over there. And while SWTOR might give more of an incentive to team up the entire world just feels empty, I know they do different instances of areas like STO does, but I play on a very high server and it quite often feels almost dead on any planet aside from the Starter, Homeworld, and Fleet. It feels like STO did a few months ago. Now though I'm seeing players everywhere as opposed to a half dozen stragglers in ESD. I've got a sub with SWTOR through March, but I'm probably not going to continue past that since STO is F2P and I can save my money for a better rig,and all the Mass Effect 3 DLC that's going to be out there