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02-01-2012, 07:36 AM
Originally Posted by Sierrafortune
And while SWTOR might give more of an incentive to team up the entire world just feels empty, I know they do different instances of areas like STO does, but I play on a very high server and it quite often feels almost dead on any planet aside from the Starter, Homeworld, and Fleet.
From what I've read, people seem quite upset about 3 things relating to the mmo aspect of TOR:
  1. Too many servers, making it hard to find friends.
  2. Too many names. Every friend you have has a different name for each character and it's almost impossible to keep track.
  3. No cross faction or server chat channels.

I think these things should be fixed before they rework space combat. As the number of players drops, they could start consolidating servers. Writing some code to get everyone an @handle shouldn't be too big a deal -- they could tell everyone they have 3 months to choose one, and if they don't then their first character's name will become their @handle. Finally, what the heck is even the point of having a chat channel that doesn't let you chat with anyone?

These are just the things that struck me, an outside observer who hasn't played since the beta.