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02-01-2012, 09:21 AM
On a (vaguely) related note, I had always thought chairs should do this as well.

When you go to sit in a chair, a combination of transporter and replicator technology should size it correctly for you. This seems to be a logical extension of the EMH program, as I assume they would have expanded hologram's ranges within the ship.

This would also be the only way for Starfleet to reasonably meet the ergonomic needs of the various races. On earth we can design for the 95th percentile rather easily. That fails when dealing with more than one species.

Since the ground weapons are stored in some sort of transporter buffer, when recalled, they could use the same weapon core with a different ergonomic shell. This would be similar to the wide variety of Wii-mote housings available to use with the Wii for shooting games.