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02-01-2012, 11:35 AM
Originally Posted by Eulif_Davis
Simple: the tutorial was changed to remove player choice, and instead assign a tactical bridge officer. The "Starter Pack" will now round-out your initial compliment of bridge officers by providing an engineering and science officer.

I'It seems the Developers here are sexist.

Why is it that they want to 'get you started' with an entirely female bridge crew? Go through the tutorial, and you HAVE to take the Andorian Tac officer.. Female. If you buy this pack, you also get a Human Female Engineer, and a Betazoid Female Science officer.

Why is it that we aren't allowed to CHOOSE? They did such a GOOD JOB with the Android Boff... and the Caitain/Aenar where you can choose what profession as well as gender.

This is a no go for me, and I make lots of alts.. currently I have 13.

"Fix it" where the player can choose race (no special races) and profession.. and I'll throw some more money towards the C-Store.