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Originally Posted by DeWitt_LSF
Well the OP's thoughts bring to mind something I had pushed since closed beta. Have what a ship looks like be purely cosmetic. You like the setup of the assault cruiser (Sovvy) but you love how the Gal-X looks more. Here's how it would work:

* As you rank up, you unlock the ship costumes up to your current tier available. Thus, as a Captain (your rank) you would have available to you all ship costumes from the tier 1 ships and up (I think excluding the starter ships is probably a good idea, but I am flexible on it).

* As a Captain, you choose to fly a cruiser, which is the Galaxy currently. The Ship Customization UI would be slightly modified to have a drop down menu to select tier. If you prefer the look of the Excalibur for example, you would select Tier 1 from the drop down menu, and then you would be able to customize from the parts available for all tier 1 cruisers. Further, if you had purchased the Exeter or Venture ships from the C-store, those would be available from the drop down menu in their appropriate tiers.

* Limitations include only being able to select from the class of ship you have set as current, all normally available skins up to your current rank, and any skins available from the C-Store that you have unlocked. No cross-tier customization, and no cross-class either, so no kitbashing.

* It has to be said again that there is canon evidence that ships of the same class often do not perform the same, based on the skills and personality of the chief engineer. Scotty and LaForge both were able to make their respective ships outperform their sister ships. I am sure that with the modularity of bridge stations in the TNG era and beyond, the captain could swiftly reassign bridge officers as needed based on the current mission, thus swapping out a science station for a tactical on the fly.

* As a caveat to the PvP crowd, when entering a PvP instance, your ship should revert to a base model of your class. If you fly a Galaxy-R and you prefer it look like a Sovvy, when you zone in, your ship will look like a Galaxy for the duration, and revert back to your chosen customizations when you exit the instance.

* When inspecting a player who is very obviously Captain or higher, the ship info on the UI window should reflect the ship they fly. If in a Gal-X, even if it looks like a Excalibur, it would give the appropriate description of a Gal-X (Federation Dreadnought?) .

If you stop to think about it, the underlying code is already there. Between purchasable skins from the C-Store, skins available for higher tier ships when purchasing C-store ships of lower level, and the various holo-emitters, the only real changes would be consolidating the Ship Customization UI window for the limitations, and making it so your true ship is displayed for PvP. It also needs to be said that this whole concept has been shot down by a Dev. While fairly simple from an armchair dev point of view, the bean counters apparently think there is more money to be had selling gimmick ships in the C-Store. In my opinion, they could add a new revenue stream by making available the skins as well as the gimmick ships.
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