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02-01-2012, 12:29 PM
1)The uniform MKII weapon layout is the optimal build layout, which you are able to get off the exchange for about 70 mill EC a piece or through random drops in elite stfs.

2) You are correct about how running such a high ranking EPTW would seem pointless since there is an energy level cap at 135 but that isn't the reason for the boost of weapon power. The reason is because when you broadside for 7 beam arrays, it creates a huge drain on your weapon power level, the actual drain is around -60 which would put your weapons at around 65 to 70ish range. That's a huge drop in damage out put! The EPTW 3 is used to help cushion that drain, by using EPTW 3 you raise your weapon level the cap of 135 but all the extra energy isn't wasted, its put in an reserve box, so that when your weapon levels drop back below the 135 cap the reserve power is added back in. And when your drain is -60 dropping you to the 65-70ish range of power, that extra power from the EPTW 3 helps keep you around 90 - 105ish weapon level energy. This way, your damage out put isn't diminished by the drain of 7 beam arrays firing at once.