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02-01-2012, 12:37 PM
The MACO shield is still the best sheild in the game for tanking. It is the absolute best for a cruiser! Combine that with the MACO deflector and the aegis engine for the extra added 5% defense, you've got yourself the best cruiser gear lay out in the game.

Now some people will argue that its better to use the borg engine instead of the aegis engine that way you get that two set hull regen bonus from running the borg console and engine but here is the problem with that, the borg hull regen two set bonus is a proc, and an extremly low proc rate at that. So in any pvp or space battle in general, you'll likely only get the hull regen to proc maybe two or three times, maximum of like 4 times. Thats extremely low, especially if your trying to use it a safety measure. Its far better to use the 5% defense bonus from the aegis engines because it is a concrete defense. You'll always have it, therefore you know your build is always solid. Instead of having to rely on a lucky proc chance.