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02-01-2012, 12:56 PM
Originally Posted by Zeuxidemus
I'll just say it first off since this is kind of a sad thing people are coming to use the foundry review system for. If per say someone puts you on an ignore list because they do not want communication what so ever with you. Then they find out you are a foundry author they begin to go through every mission you do with antagonistic comments to troll/bash/flame the author as a one person has done heavily with mine and one other person but the other person it wasn't so bad as this one guy that couldn't handle that I didn't want anything more to do with him. I did submit a GM request to handle this because this behavior is unacceptable and should not be tolerated for someone to go and use the foundry review system in such a manner.
Sadly there is nothing you can do about these children, children must play. I feel your distress, I have had quite a few children trash my mission ratings with 1-stars just because they "don't like" me, my opinions or are just plain jealous. The difference is, I could care less, I don't make Foundry missions for these little bratty pests. I make them for the 5-stars fans and friends I have in STO.

I really don't think the GM's are going to do anything about it (but they should). All you can really do is use the "Report Terms Of Use Violation" on the Foundry review screen.