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02-01-2012, 01:29 PM

i see u skilled to be offtank and there are no points in Starship Armor Reinforcements,
like ur description sad to be anchor
u dont have auxpower or else to have good heals, i think with ur setting u ll need a healer otherwise the taccube would eat ur self .

i can aggree with ur engine choice +++ , most people sais take borg and his console, not optimal , aegis engine defenetly wins

next is, u skilled starship subsystem repair , cant remember thats working ^^ , maybe cause iam usin 4 human BO , i think u can use the points at better positions .

and ur right the MACO is defenetly the best shield, but it seems like it doesnt work after last patch, i tried different shields and every shield was better, but doesnt matter aegis or MACO were both good and now with the aegis set me dont need a healer for staying alive and i hold the thread.

i never tried the biofunctional console, will test it, maybe a good option, this time i use two shield emitter

my tacBO has tactical team and pattern delta, dont use any damage abbility at the tacBO , to have enogh penetration and thread my choice is directed energie modulation. its not important i think people are not the same