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02-01-2012, 02:41 PM
Originally Posted by Yreodred

With all due respect.
My point was not to make this game more unrealistic than necessary.

In any Star Trek series have you ever seen a Rifle, or other pices of equipment scaled to the person using it?
Not everyone carries his/her personal weapons all day around and weapons are usually stored in secured weapons stores or lockers on every starfleet ship.
Wouldnt it be a bit complicated to find everyone a fitting weapon every time the captain calls red alert?

Of course not, this equipment is standardised. I know some MK I weapons can be replicated, but most other weapons not.
How would you refuel them, would you reload them with bigger bullets, bigger energy cells, or the same as smaller versions have.
How comes that bigger versions do just the same damage as smaller version, althrough there is more room for (fill in some damage producing technobrabble stuff)?

No i wouldn't like to see scaling Weapon models they would just make the game even more unrealistic then necessary.

Live long and prosper.
Now that's what I'm talking about! :^D

Hmmm... You make a good point, however wasn't it stated that in STO the weapons we carry are literally micro-replicated/transported to our possession when we go to use them? I swear I heard that at some point...

Also it would make sense because the technology exists. Engineering captains and kits allow you to beam/replicate mines/turrets and bombs on the spot. Tactical officers have an unlimited supply of grenades and apparently we can all carry LOADS of hyposprays/regenerators and shield charges.

Weapons would all run on the same charges, just because they are larger does not mean they expend more energy per shot. Also just because they are bigger does not mean they do more damage, I dare say a disruptor beam is just as deadly no matter the size of the weapon that shoots it.

Also, because of the STO storyline, I assume my characters and BOffs are always armed. We are all participating in a war on several fronts, most of the time we are actively leading the charge.

As for the Klingon characters... I assumed that they were ALWAYS armed with at least some weaponry. Plus, most of the weapons for a Klingon are personally owned by the said KDF member as opposed to the Federations "community pool".

And as I said before, who's to say my Gorn's weapon was not made by the Gorn Hegemony?



I did not see the post above me... It explains the transporter/replicator idea I touched upon.