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02-01-2012, 02:55 PM
Originally Posted by TheSuperzuul
Forever ungold T_T No one likes us Zuuls. We're not evil, just misunderstood.
Good thing, then, that I know who you are before some of the posters had the reaction of "What? No gold name? REPORT THE IMPERSONATOR!!!" I see they got around to giving you your gold name, too.

You've probably seen me around on the other PWE boards, too

EDIT: Instead of double posting, I'll post my issue in this same post.

I have 214 ZEN in my Wallet, yet cannot transfer my ZEN to the STO servers. I should note that I have been able to do this previously, without a level 10 character.

Edit 2: Disregard, figured out what the problem was, my character was "inactive" because I hadn't logged in for over a week (Can't help that I have to bargain with my wife for use of our laptop because my POS desktop won't run the game without a video card upgrade *grumble*)