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02-01-2012, 03:20 PM
Originally Posted by Sprint01
He has every right to expect someone he's paying to provide content, just like their competition. There is a reason a lot of us stopped paying subscriptions for this game when F2P went live. So while a lot of the content in the Foundry may be outstanding, it's not the responsibility of the player base to make their own content. That's not how this game was advertised to the subscribers, and it's not how most expect to be treated.

This is the equivalent of paying a painter to paint your home and all he does is drink coffee and eat lunch while you paint the house yourself. That's not right. If the Foundry was here to supplement Dev created content and activities that would be one thing, but to be the primary source of missions and adventures? That's just not right, I'm sorry.
Agreed 100%. Personally I'd rather have seen the devs spend the time it took to release the Foundry and subsequent changes to it on creating content or fixing existing bugs. In a way this tip feature is also a slap in the face. It's Cryptic's way of saying "We can't be bothered to make more ways for you to earn in-game stuff so we'll let you pay other players with in-game resources to do it for us."