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02-01-2012, 04:45 PM
Zero - is there any chance that the UI team could look at adding some code to the Skills Detail UI popup to keep it in the last place it was active?

I notice that after adjusting the scale of my UI to ANYTHING below the default of 1.0 scale, that this UI element resets to a very annoying position which progressively gets more and more ON the skills pane and covering skills. Currently I am using scale 0.85.

Usually causing one to move it. You can click on other skills to update the skills detail ui element's content (and it will stay in the place you moved it) but if you close it and click on a skill in the skills UI pane then this smaller UI element will reset again.

The image below shows the position the window element resets to after you close it. This is it's starting position at 0.85 scale. It will move more to the right as I increase the scale back to 1.0 and it will keep going right as I increase past 1.0.

It would be nice if it remained positioned in the same place (to the top side of the skills UI window) no mater what the scale was.

Thank you.