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02-01-2012, 03:56 PM
Originally Posted by Mongoson View Post
ummm here is a novel idea.... instead of waiting, get in the game and check it yourself?

that is one of the problems, you all check your internal, which does not match tribble, which does not match the Live Holodeck... ELSE things would not Break as much as they do...

yet, as a client, why do I have to state this so much to a group who I pay to be their client....
yeah I need to ask myself if I am wasting my time, and start voting with my wallet.

I have checked it, both places. In one place (Tribble) it looks broken. In my internal game (the one where I can actually make changes), it looks fine. Since it looks fine, there is no way for me to fix it. It's a case of, "if it's not broken, I literally CAN NOT fix it." As such, I believe it is entirely addressed, and expect that when another build goes to Tribble, it will also show that it has been fixed. If however, we see the unexpected, and when Tribble gets updated, it still looks broken? Then something really screwy is going on and I will have to do much deeper, more involved checks that are not warranted at the moment.

I'm not incompetent. I check my work, but when everything is fine on my end, there is little I can do to fix an issue you're seeing on your end. Hence the difficulty in tracking down some bugs.