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02-01-2012, 05:01 PM
Originally Posted by Eulif_Davis
The devs have all the demographics on the game. They KNOW that the most popular crew combination (most likely by a HUGE margin) is an entirely female, humanoid crew. I'm sure they even broke it down to what the most popular races were. This is most likely what led to the two bridge officer choices.

No one said you have to purchase the kit, and no one said you have to keep those two bridge officers if you do. It's available as an OPTION to start a character. No need to start a war over having options.

"Having Options" like maybe being able to choose the race/gender of the Bridge Officers?

I don't see a "war" being waged here either. Overreact much?

I'm giving feedback. This is, after all.. the Feedback Forum, right? My feedback is, for ME, this is a no purchase item as is. If they were to either "fix it" to be able to have the choices for race and/or gender, OR offer additional packs that would accommodate the interests of other demographics.. then I'd spend money on it.