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02-01-2012, 04:39 PM
Is the bug where ships suddenly die after a few hits been fixed? I have noticed this alot over the last few days where there mainly full health and few shots from weak weapons like a turret and then boom. Noticed this when a mate pvp killed me in a first strike and noticed alot in the stfs in cure where the klingon ships going to the injured klingon just go boom really easy from full health on occasion. Oh and them ships flying to the injured klingon they dont fire at you they just move to the injured ship and ignore you even tho im shooting em. Like they have no rear weapons.

Also please dont change the eng consoles for shields to sci consoles, i need that to be eng console as its really vital for my defiant. And when i move to a tactical defiant retrofit when cstore sale comes shortly (i hope) i will need the eng shield console moved to that new ship when i get it. So please dont change the console, on the forum alot of people also do not like this change either.

Edit = For holodeck btw.