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# 1 Science Ship Refit or Not ?
02-02-2012, 01:49 AM
I buy and spend C-Points in the C-Store all the time... and I like the ship refits... but I just bought an Advanced Science Vessel for 800, only to discover it was not a refit... I love the look of the default issued Research ships, and refits let me buy the advanced versions and still look like the issued ones... except with the Advanced Research Vessel... I bought it and if I want to use it, I am stuck with it's ugly 90 percent saucer look, please make it customizable like a refit so I can use its advanced features, like additional crew, extra BO and console slot, but still customize it to look like the cool issued science ships... please

EDIT: And where is the Sehlat Cub pet? Other fleet members say they see it in C-Store, but it does NOT show in my C-Store... I bought it on another character and would pay for it again on my new main character, but its just NOT there