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02-02-2012, 01:29 AM
the STFs are probably made easyer, because the average FTPer, is not as skilled as the older players, and the staff is trying to still please at least 50% of the players. forceing the hardest parts of the game to become easyer.

(it's a tactical move, that benifits the game more than not, till the new FTPers actualy use their slow learning curves and recach a skill, that makes them with it was harder, then the staff will most likely raise the difficulty back up, or add a even harder mission.)

my bet is on harder but diffrent missions in the future, and that are probably already being pland. the lower difficulty on current high end missions, is most likely to make them the new 2nd hardest missions (like lowering the required level to start a mission just before or as a new mission is released, that has the old mission's starting level as it's starting level)