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02-02-2012, 01:39 AM
Originally Posted by LewsTelamon001
Reason why people complain, though, is because necroing a dead thread is techincally against forum rules:

Excerpt from the PWE Community Rules and Policies to illustrate:

You may not create posts which contain:
Excessive communications of the same phrase, similar phrases, or gibberish.
Numbering of a thread, IBTL, TLDR, etc.
Bumping threads.
Creation of “First!” posts.
Posting of off-topic comments, including but not limited to comments or discussions of a religious, or political nature.
Posts and/or private messages that, in any manner whether directly or indirectly, contain links to threads from other forums in the PWE network may be subject to an infraction. (Cross Linking)
Advertisements that have not been authorized by PWE.
Posting to an old thread which has not been posted to in 30 days or more.
Creating Duplicate Threads (A Duplicate Thread is defined as a thread which discusses the same topic as another thread, which has had a new post within the last 30 days.)
As this is an English-speaking community, all postings must be in English, so that they can be well received and properly monitored. Posting in other languages is not allowed, except in Forums designated specifically as non-English forums.

Now, while I may not be a moderator, I'm sure one will likely back me up on that.
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