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For the 2nd year anniversary of STO I'm starting a separate standalone series covering the 2nd year anniversary events on Youtube. I'll be recording video today, and these next few days, specifically about the 2nd year anniversary on my Youtube channel. I'll be showing the events, the new ship, the ceremony and both parties today! I'll be doing coverage through the entire event, uploading videos daily.

My channel -

First uploaded Intro video -

Second Video Getting the new Ship!!!!! -

Direct link to the playlist that I'll be updating each video to -

Just doing this for fun because of my passion for this game, I love it, and I look forward to seeing you all in-game and having a GREAT amount of fun today and through this weekend!!!!!

If you all could do me a favor and keep this thread bumped so others can see it today, that would be great.

See you all in-game, and say Hi