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02-02-2012, 07:40 AM
Originally Posted by CptBANG View Post
I like the concept of the Foundry,
tip jar is a GOOD addition (and even a bit more incentive for me to one day make missions of my own?).


i don't like the UI
i don't like the "mission wrapper"

my #1 request for Foundry is a better UI, with much more community features!
(think YOUTUBE!)
- personal channels
- favorite authors i can subscribe to and get a mail if he released something new
- better "channels"
- thumbnails for missions
- ACCOUNT WIDE mechanic to let me know if i played that mission already (that tech is so wonky it doesn't even *remember* correctly what i played on one char).

also DO NOT HIDE the Foundry missions behind a button that no one may ever click.
It needs a big shiny UI window just like you made for your own Story Missions.

and #2 add a TIMER to the foundry missions instead of this 0/3 wrapper (that you can finish in 10 seconds)
i can earn 8000 dilithium a day by playing STF's, or sitting in Kerrat
make it feasible to PLAY Foundry all day long and earn your 8000 that way
also make it feasible to earn XP and level up only through foundry missions.

i'm on my 9th ALT right now (need a KDF engineer for the Bortas ;P ), and the only old Cryptic missions i care to play are the ones with lots of XP and must have Items.

The Foundry should be an alternate way of progression and an alternate way of playing the game for the people who did everything else.

With only 2 FE's a year, the Foundry is more important than ever and needs to be put over 9000.

Listen to CptBANG, he's a genius.

I have a second player that I've made and I haven't gotten him above level 6 so far because I don't really want to play through the same old missions again that I did on my main. I just have no desire to do it. I would rather play some interesting and new foundry missions to level up.

I know some foundry authors would make 5-minute missions for 300k xp if you left it unrestricted, so there would need to be some kind of maximum, say 1000 xp, with bonus XP based on how long it takes to run the mission as well as the community rating. A 5-star mission that takes 45 minutes to an hour should maybe get 10x the maximum XP limit. Also, every foundry mission needs more than just a star rating. After a user runs the mission, let them do a short survey to set a 1-5 star rating, a 1-5 challenge rating, and an approximate time to complete , say <5 min up to >60 min. Let those three things slowly move the XP received upwards or downward as more and more people play through.

You could also, like I mentioned somewhere else: Allow foundry missions to be converted into main missions, perhaps for future feature episodes or to fill out the Klingon (and eventually Romulan) race missions. Set up a system in which foundry authors can be compensated somehow if their mission/series is converted into a main mission chain. You can compensate them with C-Store points if you feel queasy about giving them cash plus leave a credit note in the mission description, so their name will forever be included in the game. This does at least a couple of things: 1. more missions = more players = more money 2. more players will make more foundry missions in hopes of getting them picked up for c-store points = more foundry slot purchases = more money. 3. Quality missions at a low development cost.