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02-02-2012, 09:31 AM
Originally Posted by Sparhawk_Mike
It's a bug. The grandfather slotting of the console didn't work as stated and the console should be in your overflow bag. The effect of the console however, is also not correct due to another bug that was made by Cryptic (Cryptic is aware of this) and you will get a greatly reduced effect from the console (it is granting +35 shield skill instead of +35% shield health which is a drastic effectiveness difference).

I see Zeronius partially addressed this while I was typing.
Not a bug. The following is speculative on my part based upon what's happening.

It's a preventive bit of tech that was added to address some past bugs. May have been a race condition of some kind. Players were able to slot equipment in the wrong slot. I inadvertently slotted personal armor into a shield slot on a boff. Apparently the server now does a sweep of your slotted equipment upon zoning in to a zone. Any illegally slotted equipment is booted and shoved into the Overflow bag.